Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I have an emotional hangover. Because Vegas.

I had no idea what to expect when I signed up for Bloggers in Sin City. I mean, "I knew" because there was an itinerary and you know, all the #BiSC tweets from last year and the year before that, so on, etc. But I was nervous - would I fit in; would I have fun; are these people all going to think I'm too young or too weird or too not-a-serious-enough-blogger to be here?

 I feel like I make this face 99% of the time.

But then I moved in with a fellow BiSC-uit, and through a few brunches met several other BiSC-uits, and suddenly the overwhelming nerves tempered down to only some kind of nerves and by the time our limo arrived at the Flamingo, I was just BELLIGERENTLY EXCITED.

What happens when you put a bunch of bloggers together in a limo? They instagram it, of course.

I don't know what it is about BiSC that creates deep emotional bonds between so many people who were basically strangers before the weekend. Is it that it's four days fueled by debauchery and laughter, or is it because it is full of the type people who would sign up to spend 4 days with a bunch of other strangers and LOVE IT? What combination of awesome people and awesome circumstances makes me cry at a brunch listening to wonderful people say even more wonderful words about all their feeeeelings?

Whatever magic comes together and makes it happen (I'm thinking glitter + 8 second hugs + Nicole & Doni's sheer willpower), I have never walked into a group and felt so instantly comfortable and loved. Between all the 8 second hugs and ALL THE EATING and all the photos together and whiskey tasting (whiskey! tasting!) BiSC was easily one of the best weekends of my life, and some of the most fun I think I've ever had. 

To go margaritas, beautiful weather, and some of the most fun people on the internet? I'm all about that life.

Pool day is the best day.
4 of the many DC bloggers. Reppin' the District in style, obvs.

Largest whiskey collection in the US. I want to go to there... again.

Our sampling. Blackberry whiskey? Delicious. The Knot? Like a warm Christmas hug in my mouth. 

And now? Now I have this bizarre emotional hangover in which I can't believe I'm not in Vegas anymore surrounded by 68 of the most amazing people ever and I just CAN'T DEAL WITH EVERY DAY LIFE, Y'ALL.  It's more than missing the planned all-you-can-eat brunches and gift bags full of goodies from Firmoo, Vega, and others and playing in the pool and using our badges to bypass the line at Pure (though those things I'll definitely miss). I can't find the words to explain the magic and the warmth of BiSC that makes people feel like they are free to be the most honest and wonderful versions of themselves -- because that's definitely true. Four days of completely genuine, lovely people all telling each other how genuine and lovely everyone is.

Sometime when I wasn't looking, I learned a lot this weekend. But the biggest takeaway I've got to offer is this: If you want to be part of amazing things (like BiSC), you've got to be brave enough to sign up for them. The moment you open yourself up to the possibility of amazing friendships and experiences, they're available to enjoy. 



  1. Love this, and so glad to have met you! Wish we'd spent more time chatting. You are lovely.


  3. Love this, love this, love this! So happy we both made it to #BiSC... and I hope we get to hang out ASAP!

  4. "Would I fit in?" Pssh. You were in before you even knew it. You're one of us. The trip just proves it. :)

  5. So glad to have met you. Your blog went straight into my reader :)
    I am so glad we took a chance :)

  6. You've convinced me that you're ridiculously awesome.


    Because Vegas. Because BiSC. Because it's true :)

  7. I am so happy I met you - you are so funny, sincere and just amazing. What an amazing weekend full of heart-boners...

  8. so glad i finally got to meet you! i seriously want to put you in my pocket (in a not creepy way, ha) because you are just too cute and adorable! loved spending some time with you & hurray for such a fabulous weekend!

  9. Oh man I wish we got to hang out!

  10. Yup. This. I knew from all our brunches we'd be friends, this BiSC solidified it. I heart you. and yeah-you've just got to take risks and just sign up for things in life. I am so grateful you live in DC too so we can hang out WHENEVER and always. BiSC is magical. You're magical.

  11. Emotional hangover is a really good description!
    It was awesome to meet you, Valorie! :) Thankfully you live along the east coast so we can totally see each other again. That makes me happy cuz we didn't get to spend a lot of time together. You are awesome, and I hope to see you and the DC peeps soon!!!

  12. LOVE THIS and so glad that you took the chance and came to Vegas to play with all of us! I'm also really glad you're close and that I know I'll see you again soon.

  13. SO HAPPY i got to meet you this year!! You are so amazing! Don't ever change and if you are ever in Canada you best be coming to visit me!!! I may even (attempt) to make you pancakes the size of your head!! LOL


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