Saturday, January 12, 2013

the mayans were wrong, so where does that leave us?


Real talk: I'm a little bit superstitious. Since the day I heard about the whole Mayan prophecy, a liiiittle part of me always kind of expected it to happen. Maybe not in an apocalyptic fire and brimstone kind of way, but you know, maybe.

So, naturally, I wasn't surprised that as December 21st got closer and closer, I got more and more reflective over my (short) life - successes, failures, regrets, plans unfinished, ideas should the Mayans be wrong... And now that we've survived and know they were in fact wrong about the whole End-of-the-World thing, I've been feeling a little more free. It's like there aren't any deadlines anymore.

And maybe this is just the thrill of the new year and a "clean slate" (and a new planner to fill!) talking, but it feels good. I feel like the opportunities are innumerable, like 2013 could go anywhere I want it to, and like any goals are possible to accomplish.

What are you guys going to try to do in 2013, since the Mayans were wrong and all?

And Happy (super belated) New Year everyone!