Thursday, December 31, 2009

End of the Decade

Everyone is making End of the Decade lists and I thought I'd join in.

5 Favorite TV Shows
1. Friends
2. Grey's Anatomy
3. Fairly Odd Parents
4. Criminal Minds
5. Futurama

Years I Can't Remember Anything Significant About
1. 2002
2. 2004
3. 2005

Nicknames I've Had This Decade
1. Venni
2. Val
3. Valorayray
4. 13.
5. Aila
6. Rie-Rie

Number of Journals I Started

Number of Journals I Finished

5 Fads I Can't Believe We Were Obsessed With
1. Miley Cyrus
2. Jelly Roller Pens
3. Pokemon
4. Ugg (ugh) Boots
5. Those weird stretchy shirts

Initials of Guys I Wish I'd Made a Move On

Jobs I Considered This Decade
1. Writer*
2. Photographer
3. Physical Therapist
4. Teacher*
5. CIA
6. Archivist
7. Lawyer*
8. Linguist*
9. Surgeon
10. Swim Coach
*Jobs I'm Still Seriously Considering

5 Favorite Books
1. Harry Potter, JK Rowling
2. Invisible Monsters, Chuck Palahnuik
3. The Awakening, Kate Chopin
4. Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury
5. The Avalon Series

Sports I Tried My Hand At

Times I Can Remember it Snowing in Texas

Religions/Philosophies I Bought Into
(in order chronologically)
1. Christianity
2. Paganism
3. Agnosticism*
3.5 Pastafarianism*
4. Atheism*
5. Existentialism*
6. Christianity
*These all happened in the course of one very confused year. Also, 3.5
was a joke I told people while I was agnostic that they honestly

Ages I Was This Decade, in Order of Awesomeness
1. 19
2. 18
3. 17
4. 11
5. 10
6. 14
7. 13
8. 12
9. 15
10. 16

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Classic Christmastime

I'm finally getting a chance to sit down and email in a post about how wonderful Christmas was. Six hour drives will do that.

We visited Dad's family as we always do, and with five kids running around funny moments are always bound to come up. Yesterday, the
youngest, Austin (10), managed to somehow get a splinter in his finger. His dad and Grandma were trying to get it out when his older
sister Grace (14) started antagonizing him. I don't remember what she said first, but I know we were all laughing at it, which Austin took as laughing at him. He lunged at her, but luckily his dad caught him before he could attack. He said, "Come here, let's look at this thing in the light." to which Austin replied, "Hold ON, I have to beat her up!" It was hysterical an a classic family moment. :)

We also saw Sherlock Holmes that night, which was good. I definitely recommend it for anyOne in the mood for some fun action and a little mystery. Plus, you really must see Rachel McAdams and Robert Downey Jr act alongside each other, it's great.

How were your Christmases? Any funny stories?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Teenage Rebellion

Sometimes, when I feel like "sticking it to the man," I steal food or a drink from the concession stand at the pool where work.

Mostly I do this because when I think of "the man," I think of a coach that trains his team at our pool and has tried to get me fired numerous times on various trumped charges.

And, by "sticking it" to him I basically mean doing anything at all to piss him off, which includes stealing the sodas/gatorades he buys for swim meets. It also, of course, means flirting with any of his younger male assistant coaches (when he has them), taking my dear sweet time refilling the toilet paper in the men's restroom, and smiling blankly at him when he tries to tell me that he built this pool and therefore has some say in how it's run.

How do you stick it to the man?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Flight Risk

In my last few posts, I mentioned more than once that I was really panicky about exams. It was like having an anxiety attack for six straight days. Now that I've gotten my grades back, I can tell y'all why.

I needed a perfect 4.0 this semester to stay at A&M. Without it, my cumulative GPA would be under 3.5, which was what I needed to keep my scholarship. Without my scholarship, my parents won't pay for school.

I posted a 3.625. That's three As and two Bs. Not bad, not bad at all. Except, it's less than what I needed. Much less.

What sucks is one of those Bs is an 89. An 89! But my prof won't change it, I already asked. Not that it matters -- I'll still only have a 3.8 (rough estimation) for the semester, giving me a 3.41 overall. I'm sitting at 3.317 now.

I only found out 20 minutes ago. I'm still at work, so my parents only know that I don't think exams went as well as hoped (that was a row all on it's own). They don't know this new information.

I know what they'll say. I don't know how I'll handle it.

I can't believe I'm about to be a college drop out.

For the record, I'm definitely at flight risk.

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Audrey Hepburn Defines My Life Perfectly:

“I’m like cat here, a no-name slob. We belong to nobody, and nobody belongs to us. We don’t even belong to each other.”

-Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly


It's Friday.

Friday, December 18th, 2009.

Why is this date so important, you ask?

Because finals are finally over. And I can get some sleep. And go a whole day without wondering if I have homework I need to do.

I'm going to love the next five weeks of my life. They're totally necessary before I go back to class and grunge work and what sort of kind of feels like mental torture. Except, not really on that last one.

How're y'all? :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Laconic Wit

Sometimes, in between studying for finals and trying not to strangle my professors, I forget exactly why I love history like I love chocolate chip cookies. [That's a lot!] Then I stumble across moments in history like [Photo]threatening letters between Philip II of Macedon and the Spartans.

Philip II: You are advised to submit without further delay, for if I bring my army into your land, I will destroy your farms, slay your people, and raze your city.
Spartans: If.


Sunday, December 13, 2009


I wish I had time for a real entry, but I'm freaking out about finals. So, instead, here's my favorite secret from this week's PostSecret post.

Frank Warren titled it onback.iwasgoingtosendthistoher.jpg.

I think we can all relate a little. No one wants to be forgotten, especially by him or her.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Even in London

As I write this, I'm sitting in a coffee shop where I've been for about 10 hours now while studying for finals. I should still be studying, but @TheA21Campaign tweeted a link to this news story, and I couldn't not share it with y'all.

People always think slavery is over. Even if they're aware that slavery is still prevalent in the world (more prevalent now than at the height of the Atlantic slave trade, even), they think it only happens in Third World countries. It's that whole 'It couldn't happen to me' thing that we all like to buy into. But it happens everywhere, even London, and people walk by without even noticing.

We all just need to open our eyes a little bit. Read the story. Learn something.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dear Finals,

Because of you, I'm not getting a whole lot of sleep.

Because of you, I've had six cups of coffee, an energy drink, two Gatorades, and one square meal today.

Because of you, I am not having any fun.

Because of you, I haven't gotten any Christmas shopping done.

Because of you, I really hate school right now. I've never hated school this much before!

I hope you're pleased with yourself.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dearest Santa...

Dear Santa,

I know back in like the 5th grade I said I didn't believe in you, but you and I both know that was just because I wanted that mean popular girl Amber to be friends with me and she couldn't be friends with babies who still believed in Santa.

But I still believe, Santa. I still believe.

And since I have such faith, and have been such a good girl this year (check your list!), I think I've earned a few choice gifts.

Like this recycled hemp shoulder bag with flying swallows on it. Umm, cute much? And think of all the cool things I could keep inside it, like this ridiculously adorable puppy:

Isn't he cute?! Come on, how cute would he look curled up in our living room while Ayla and I watch TV and sip hot chocolate this winter? You know you think it's a great idea. While you're at it, could you pay the down payment our apartment complex requires? I'll totally let you play with it whenever you want! The elves and Mrs. Clause, too!

Speaking of paying for things, could you potentially pay my tuition next semester? I've worked so hard at school, so that seems like a logical gift. And a beneficial one! Education for the win!

You know what, Santa? I've got the perfect gift in mind -- a limitless Visa giftcard. Just slip it in my stocking and you won't have to worry about any of the other gifts -- I'll take care of it. And I'll make sure to put out really delicious cookies out for you -- all kinds! And not the crappy ones with Splenda that my mom makes. I know you like your sugar legit. :)

Merry Christmas, Santa! See you soon!
(This post was brought to you by Mama Kat's writer's workshop.)