The Lady

Hey there, I'm Valorie.

I live in Washington, DC with my live-in ex-boyfriend. It's awkward. Our upstairs neighbors have two dogs; I like to pretend they're my dogs. They seem to be okay with that. I like cooking, I take a lot of photos, and I have a habit of being very polite to Siri. When the robots rise and Siri becomes sentient, I’d like to be on her good side.  

This snarky blog is about that, and it's about the rest of my life too. I write a lot about traveling, a lot about falling in love, and furiously a lot about my stubborn Quarter Life Crisis. Sometimes I write about the harder things, like heartbreak and The Darkness. For some reason, my blog is occasionally about Rupert Grint and how much I want to hug him someday. Once or twice, my blog has been a little bit about zombies. I'm really not sure who will rise first, zombies or robots. I'm prepared either way.

When I’m not here, I’m frequently over at Valorie Clark Photography. That’s my bad ass wedding photography biz for bold and gutsy couples. I specialize in taking photos that are anything but blah but instead show off how kick ass and gutsy you are. If I’m not there either, I’m probably out furiously chasing after the goals on my Life List. I’m big on living with intention.

Beyond photography, traveling, and being snarky, other things on my list of general things I find amusing or interesting include: eating a lot of cheese, mixing drinks, writing a novel, referring to fictional characters like we might actually be friends, being an obsessive planner, reading banned books, doing little DIY projects, and watching any given episode of Friends for the eleventy billionth time.

Assuming this blog isn't already too much for you, you can read other rants of mine on twitter (@TheValorieClark). If you're still not satisfied, you can see everything that inspires me, or you can go check out Valorie Clark Photography and hang out with me on facebook.

Anything else? All right. Email me at valorielovely {at} gmail {dot} com.