Monday, September 27, 2010

it's okay.


It's okay to stop everything, no matter where you are, and sit down.
To be quiet and still.
To remind yourself that you are strong enough to conquer whatever is in front of you.
And if not to do so with a smile, then to do so with the fierce determination that you will smile soon.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Why don't we interview for everything?


In the past few weeks, I've filled out something like 50 trillion applications. Job applications. Organization applications. Volunteer applications. Even a practice law school application (oh yeah, I'm *that* girl). I've gone through so many interviews, it's stupid.

But all this got me thinking: If we go so far as to interview the person who's going to feed our cat for three days while we're out of town ("What is the greatest responsibility you've had in the past?" She asked the eleven-year-old girl), the woman who vacuums our carpets ("Do you have a working knowledge of 409?"), and the volunteer we're going to hire to hand out pieces of paper ("Do you enjoy working with people to reach a common goal?"), these people who we really don't even interact with much, why don't we interview the extremely important people in our lives?

Example: Once we're getting past the flirtatious stage with someone and may actually *like* this person enough to pursue a relationship, why don't we sit them down and ask them some serious questions? i.e.:

Do you come with recommendations of previous employers (in this case, significant others)?

What are your skills/hobbies/interests?

Do you follow instructions well?

Are you a cuddly sleeper?

Do you enjoy working in a group?

You have $50 in your pocket. All your bills are paid. Do you spend this on:
  • Beer to drink with the boys
  • Dinner with your girlfriend
  • Put it in savings
  • or some combination of the above?
Have you ever been known under another name?

Have you been married before?

How do you define cheating?

Have you ever been convicted of a crime, minor or major?

Are you the type to give flowers, chocolates, jewelry, or none of the above? If yes, do you do this spontaneously or only for special occasions?

Do you speak any languages other than your native tongue?

Are there any crazy exes and/or other sort of previous-significant-other drama I need to be aware of? For instance, is there any chance that some woman somewhere is giving birth to a child of yours right now?

It's date night, do you a) Do dinner and a movie, b) Cook dinner at home, c) Party, or d) Other? If "other," elaborate.

Do you enjoy traveling?

Describe your skill level in relation to things such as fixing anything broken and building stuff around the house.

How do you feel about kids?

Do you have a working knowledge of how to give a good back massage?

How do you handle crisis situations?

Are you good with taking out the trash and killing all the bugs as long as I keep the house clean and make sure not to take over the bathroom counter with makeup?

Why are you interested in pursuing a relationship with me?

I feel like asking these basic questions would really save people a lot of problems down the road. You know, no nasty surprises like finding out the night before your wedding that he doesn't want kids and you want a houseful, and etc.

Currently, I'm not accepting applications. But if I ever am in the future, I'm seriously considering implementing this corporate strategy.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

these days.

"If nothing else, one day you can look someone straight in the eyes and say, 'But I lived through it. And it made me who I am today.'"

I've been looking for this quote for a long time. Well *I* haven't. But my soul has been.

Do you know what I mean?

I really feel like the universe is coming together a little bit right now. It scares me a little and some parts hurt to think about, but I appreciate it.

I'm putting myself back together. It's taken almost four years, but I'm taking back what's mine.

Everything is going to work out the best way. It may not be my way, or my friend's way, or my mom's way, but it'll be the right way, and that's enough for me.

(Oh, and let's thank Nicole, she's the one that posted this quote first and helped me find it, if a little inadvertently.)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010



Remember back when school wasn't taking over my life? When I had time to do something other than study? Things like breathe, sleep, work out, and eat, let alone things like blog and go see movies?

Yeah, me neither. It's been that long.

On the plus side, I finally feel like I'm actually in college. It only took starting my junior year, but I'm finally starting to feel challenged by my classes and have actually had to wonder if I'll get an A in any given class this semester. So you know, there's that.

I left the sorority I was in the past two years. I "didn't feel like it was right for me anymore." Honestly, I just felt like if I hadn't made any lasting friends there after two years, I wasn't going to. So I've joined a couple other organizations and am applying to volunteer at a place here in town, which I really am very excited about.

At this point, the only thing keeping me going is the fact that I'm getting my very own Aggie Ring (pictured in larger-than-life proportions above) next semester. Whoop!

You know how I once said I hate this school and this town? I take that back. I'm learning to love it again. :)

How is September going for you guys?