Sunday, February 13, 2011

the travel bug, China, and that time when I realized that I graduate from college soon. WTF?

When I left for Montreal, my main thought was, "Okay, yes. Leaving the country. This will cool that intense desire to travel that's been gnawing at me for the past few months." I mean, I really didn't leave the country once all of 2010 (the first year that's happened since I was born) so I just thought I was just restless for that reason.


Since getting back from Montreal (and getting a $600 voucher to Delta), that desire to leave is more fiery than ever. All I can think about is where I want to go next (Boston? Seattle? San Diego? The Caribbean? Mexico?). I was hoping that finding out I'm definitely confirmed for my program for China this summer would help tame this desire (weeeee!), but NO. ALL I WANT TO DO IS TRAVEL.

So, I've been flipping through travel books and looking at other people's pictures online and looking up flight fares and planning trips with friends and and and not studying. Which is a huge problem since I had two tests last week and the LSAT yesterday. I TOOK THE LSAT YESTERDAY. How is that even possible? How am I that far in my educational career?!

Well, I'm graduating in December. That's how. I could graduate in August, but I don't want to work hard this summer. And also, I want one more Aggie Football season. But also because how can I already be graduating?!

I'm sorry, but, WHAT THE ACTUAL WHAT? Wasn't I like, *just* a freshman in college? Wasn't I like, *just* going through the worst heartbreak of my life and trying out modeling and moving out of my parents' house for the first time and dating a Marine and and and...? What do you MEAN that was more than two years ago? What do you MEAN I'm a senior in college now? What do you MEAN I get my Aggie Ring on April 15? What do you MEAN I won't be in College Station next spring?


How is this real life?

Get me out of this city right now. Take me somewhere where I can marvel at something else, something constant, just so I can stop marveling at the fact that I'm almost a Real Grown Ass Woman and that I feel like my life has changed over night, morphed into something that I'm not sure I'm quite ready to handle.


  1. Lady friend, I am so serious when I say WE SHOULD TRAVEL SOMEWHERE TOGETHER! I never use my mom's benefits like I should and we would be great travel buddies. :)

  2. oh i know how you feel. it's soo scary having to take life by the horns like that. sometimes i have to pinch myself to remind myself that i'm a grown ass woman too (: good luck! xo

  3. i remember this feeling all too well. time flies and life happens. but it'll be wonderful -- the time to grab the reins and steer is NOW! :D all the best for the future and its scary beyond. ps, beautiful photo (: who was the photographer?


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