Thursday, March 24, 2011

Scenes from El Salvador.



1. Dog and cat seen while wandering around San Salvador, the capital city.
2. Surfer in La Libertad (a state there). El Salvador has a very strong surfing culture.
3&4. Sunset in La Libertad.
5. The very edge of a the city in La Libertad where we stayed. I wandered around inside those buildings for a while -- some of the best food and cutest little mom and pop shops I've seen in a long time.
6. A little shack that housed a good restaurant, right near the beach for all the surfers to stumble into.
7. Chickens run practically wild as soon as you leave the main city. This little chick had lost his momma when I got this shot.
8. A beautiful lake in the mountains that we saw on our way to visit volcano Izalco.
9. Four shots of a beautiful flower I spotted near Izalco.
10. Izalco, one of the many still active volcanoes in El Salvador.
11. This dog I saw in La Libertad is the manifestation of loyalty. You can't see in the photo, but his owner was out surfing and he followed his owner's every move from the beach.
12. We went and saw the Mayan ruins which are actually located right on the edge of San Salvador. The government doesn't have enough money to entirely excavate and protect the thousands of archaeological sites, so this is ones of the only "full" temples you can see.
13. Another 'typical daily' shot. The animal is actually a cross between a sheep and a goat. I don't know.
14. Do you really need an excuse to take flower shots? :)
15. Fried plantains. Yum. Just sprinkle some sugar and sweet cream on and they're delicious. :)
16. This is a shot of my mom in front of the street she grew up on. We were all a little emotional -- it took us hours to find the house that my mom's family had to abandon to escape the civil war that started when she was a teen.
17. A shot of the city of San Salvador and another volcano. The flag says "DIOS UNION LIBERTAD" which translates to "God Unity Liberty."
18. Footprints in the sand. :)

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  1. how beautiful! looks like you're having (had?) an awesome time :)

  2. Beautiful shots! Your mom looks so young!


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