Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"I'm gonna write another traveling song..."

(lyrics from "Another Traveling Song" by The Bright Eyes)

So, it seems like all I can talk about and think about recently is traveling. I'm so ridiculously excited for our trip (we leave in 10 days!) that it's all I can think about. But, I have good news! My passport finally got back (we sent it off to be renewed like a week ago, so that was quick!) so now I don't have to worry about whether or not I'll actually be able to go to Prague and Munich. I haven't quite finished that whole "deciding what we're doing in Munich" thing that I talked about, but I'll work on that. It'll probably happen the night before or so. (I'm good at procrastinating like that.) Plus, my mom mentioned she really wants to see mostly castles, so I'm thinking we'll be doing a lot of that, and because it's a girl's trip, there'll be lots of shopping! :]

In relation to traveling, but only in the way that it's something I'm taking with me to Prague and Munich -- my mom ordered me the Canon Rebel XSi today. That's it to the right. :) I'm really incredibly wonderfully excited about it. It's (of course) an early birthday present (my actual birthday is next month) but it's going to be SO worth not getting a present on the actual day because this camera is so freaking kick ass.

Five things I'm happy for:
1. Private swim lessons that pay me lots of money
2. The Tudors season two
3. Long drives at night with Cyndi
4. Open mic nights
5. Good music therapy after crappy bands at open mic nights :)

How're y'all doing?

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