Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Totally Awkward Tuesday

So, every week Tova Darling does this on her blog and I finally decided that I’m going to participate this week. So, I bring you an extremely awkward night on a cruise I was on in March of ’08. (That's a picture of Mahdis and I on the cruise to the right.)

So, at this point in life, I was almost 18, about to graduate high school, in an over-a-year-long relationship that was slowly falling apart, on a week long cruise in the Caribbean with my mom, her best friend, and her best friend’s fourteen year old daughter, and was prone to awkward situations (I still am). Something horrifyingly awkward was bound to happen soon. It did in the form of teen nights on the cruise. They were designed for kids aged 13-17, meaning that most of the people in it were closer to 13. But Mahdis, who is like a little sister to me, really wanted to go and she wasn’t allowed to go without me, so I put up with it and went (it honestly wasn’t too bad, but the being a lot older than everyone else was already awkward).

It was one of the final nights of this series of night dances in a “club.” I started talking to this one kid from New York or somewhere at the “bar.” To make a long story short, I excused myself after a few minutes (because despite how bad of a turn my relationship with the boy at the time had taken, I wasn’t going to cheat on him) and returned to Mahdis and the other girls we were with. Well, he hunted me down, got behind me, put his hands on my hips and started dancing with me. No, not dancing, grinding roughly against me. Basically humping me.

I know, I know, I should have expected this because it was “club” setting and people do immature things. Except I’d mentioned there was a boyfriend. And I tried to step away from him so he wasn’t so close to me. And, honestly, even if what he’d been doing resembled dancing, I’m a terrible dancer and didn’t really want anyone near me.

Have I mentioned yet that this kid could not have been a day over fifteen?

Yeah. When the song ended, I stepped away from him and asked him to stop. He didn’t, I asked again, he got rude, and another guy that I had made friends with kind of stepped in and said something. It was awkwardly awful.


  1. That isn't the kind of awkward that is funny awkward. You're absolutely right - it was awkwardly awful. I hope you'll forgive me, however, because your post still made me laugh - in that, "Oh God that's awful!" kind of way.

  2. His super-underage-ness probably contributed to the fact that he had no idea how to dance, which is why he just did the closest thing he knew how to do.


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