Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy July Fourth!

Tonight, I'm at grandfather's beautiful house right on the Arkansas River and doing lots of very necessary thinking as I watch all the neighbors do fireworks. Sadly, we didn't do any of our own tonight. But that's okay, because I'm getting to bond with my grandparents and our neighbors on the river that I haven't seen since I was thirteen (exactly five years today, actually). And tomorrow my two uncles, two aunts, and four other cousins will be joining us for fireworks and fun. We're having to do ours a day late because the second oldest of the five grandchildren, Emily, was performing at a baseball game tonight and wouldn't be able to even get out to the river before eleven. But that's cool, we'll just be the awesome family doing our fireworks a day later. They'll be jealous. :] Plus, just being out here is like the epitome of summer to me. When I think "summer," I think "the river house."

In the meantime, I've had a good Southern home-cooked meal and the neighbors, watched other people's fireworks, baked some cupcakes and watched TV. Now I'm going to finish editing those pictures from Munich and Prague so I can finally show you guys bits and pieces from our awesome trip.

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