Friday, July 17, 2009

Really, I'm 19?

Birthdays are so lame now. I don't feel even kind of different than I did on Sunday when I was still 18. Oh well.

Despite what I just said about birthdays, go wish my good friend Kevin a happy birthday! He's twenty now and feels just like me -- no different than he did yesterday, haha.

So far, I've been doing well with the photo-a-day thing. On the 14th, I took one with the ever-wonderful Cyndi (whose really artsy shoes you should go check out, by the way) at a local coffee shop that we frequent (and where I'm sitting to write this). Look, you can see the bangs that I cut myself and that my mom almost killed me for! Later, we went to the midnight release of Harry Potter together -- we're HP nerds and proud! I think we both agree on the movie pretty well -- it's one of the best done ones (though I still think the first was the best) and they really made good use of light moments to offset an otherwise incredibly dark movie. My only complaint would be that the movie is called Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and a central part of the book was trying to find out who the Half Blood Prince was, yet in the movie only a few moments were dedicated to trying to figure it out. At the end, when the identity of the Prince is revealed I was actually like "Oh, right, that's what this movie is about." But it was good. And my picture for the 15th was actually a picture of something we saw at the movie theatre (it would have been of the movie tickets, but they weren't very cute). That "for humans only" theme went throughout the whole theatre -- on bathrooms, on the doors into the actual rooms with screens. It was pretty funny. You can't tell in the picture, but the bottom of the signs says "Call this number to report any non-humans!" It was pretty great.

Other than that -- life has been okay. I got really really sick yesterday so all my evening plans had to be cancelled (but don't worry, I still took my picture!). But it gave me time to rest and I'm back on my feet today! But I should sign off so I can go teach a private swimming lesson.

Have a great day everyone! Have y'all seen Harry Potter yet? If not, go see it!

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  1. That's actually part of a campaign for District 9.


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