Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mod Cloth

Mod Cloth is a really random website I stumbled across earlier this week (I'm not honestly sure how I found it) and am now totally in love with. It's very modern bohemian and earthy, if you're into that sort of fashion (which I am). They have great vintage stuff, shoes, accessories, etc. This dress has quickly become my favorite... I think. They have nine pages worth of dresses (with 50 dresses per page!) so it's kind of hard to decide. But I think that one won. But, even more cool is all their cute apartment stuff. Okay, as you guys know, I'm moving into a new apartment soon so anything labeled apartment has been catching my eye recently. It's mostly accessories-type stuff like this kickass Vintage Shoe Bible, the I Am Not a Paper Towel towel set, and this really random but awesome brain-cell shaped plush toy that I seriously might get.

Other things I kind of really want:

The Wet Cats book. Uhm, cats that are wet are all sorts of hilarious.

Cat shaped ice? Count me in.

Uhm, hi pretty white boots. These are exciting, but I'd get them so dirty, so fast.The Key to the City ring. I like the idea of this -- it's super original.

(No, they did not pay me to make this post. I legitimately mean everything I said in here.)

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  1. I love Mod Cloth! I ordered a bracelet from them once!


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