Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Life is so good! :] I'm doing a lot of writing -- I've got three stories floating around in my head that I've been working on a lot so that's been really great! It's so much fun writing again and being inspired. It was worth the dry frustrating spell I was having.

So, I forgot to tell you guys that last Friday we went to the new Hard Rock Cafe in Dallas. I went with Cyndi, Kevin, Travis, and Dragon, and it was a lot of fun... until my stomach started hurting and I got sick. :( The waitress was pretty funny, the place looked really nice, etc. The only thing I didn't like was that this Hard Rock was obviously trying really hard to fit in with the rest of the restaurants in downtown Dallas -- it was being kind of fancy-ish and the music wasn't very loud and what few lighting fixtures they did have were kind of modern and retro at the same time. My favorite Hard Rocks have always been the ones that had really loud music playing with really crazy awesome waiters with lots of tattoos and piercings and look like they should be a tattoo artist. But it was pretty cool. (That's Travis making a peace sign for that picture.)

Other cool things going on? Last night there was a big party at Kevin's apartment -- it was a lot of fun. It was for a girl I rarely see but was in town, so it was good to see her but there were a lot of people at the party that I don't know and/or don't really get along with. But between Kevin, Cyndi, Katie, Zaq, and a few others, I had a lot of fun. I took like 2904529340 pictures, so I've posted a few of them here. Katie and Zaq are on the left (that's Zaq's really bad ass hat she's wearing) , and that's Kevin and I on the right there, sitting on the ground and watching Family Guy on TV. Then today Cyndi, Katie, and I went and got piercings done! Cyndi did her belly button, Katie did her cartilage and I finally got my tragus pierced! Whoop! If there were a cool picture of it being done, I would post it for you, but there's not. Sad days, huh? It's okay though -- I've been keeping up with my picture-of-the-day thing a little too well. There are days when it's actually difficult for me to pick which picture I want to win. But, here is today's picture of the day, taken with my ever-wonderful iPhone 3GS: (It's of Kevin waiting for me outside of Pappadeux.)

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