Sunday, July 19, 2009

In the news...

So, Walter Cronkite died. :( He was 92 years old when he passed away on Friday. How sad -- he was an honest, trustworthy news anchor that America actually trusted. RIP, Walter Cronkite.

Yesterday, two rail cars collided in San Francisco and injured 44 people, but there were no fatalities and none of the injuries were considered especially serious.

Police shot and killed 12 in the Uyghur ethnic riots that occurred earlier this month. The 12 were supposedly "mobsters" who were not deterred by previous shots into the air. It's not clear whether the men were Uyghurs or Han (the two groups the ethnic riots are happening between -- Uyghurs are predominantly Muslin, and Han is pretty much the majority of China). This situation isn't being helped by the fact that Seyfullah, the leader of the Turkistan Islamic Party is encouraging the Uyghurs to "kill the Chinese Communists...ambush them wherever..."

As far as Iran goes, the situation isn't getting much better. Students are countinuing protests at a university in Shiraz, and now an opposition candidate has come out and say that he is "embarrassed" by the "thoughtless and clear lies" that the government and military is feeding to the world. Maybe it's a good thing that someone other than students and Moussavi is saying something now though. Also in Iran, the last British Embassy worker was finally freed after being held for about a month. He and nine other workers were arrested after the elections last month for supposedly trying to incite protests. As the unrest continues, human rights lawyer Shadi Sadr was arrested according to the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran. Other lawyers have been being detained and around 40 other demonstrators were also arrested on Saturday. Sadr is apparently in poor health and due to have surgery sometime in the next week.


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