Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy New Year

So, I'm kind of quirky, and instead of doing those New Year Resolutions on January 1, I do them on my birthday every year. I do this because I figure, hey, it's a new year for me, you know? So, this year, my 19th year, I've made my resolution -- take a picture everyday. It doesn't have to be of me, or of nature, or of anything in particular, it just has to be a picture of something that was a part of my day. To the left is today's picture of my birthday presents -- Rosetta Stone for Mandarin Chinese and a bottle of Chance by Chanel. Love them! My parents are so wonderful. I wish I'd gotten to take a picture of the wonderful cake my boss and coworkers surprised me with (it said "Happy Birthday, Valorie! Go Aggies ([I guess]!" He's not an Aggie, haha), but people started digging in way before I got the chance to grab a picture. But it was really sweet of them to do. :) I probably won't post my daily picture every day, but I'll post thes one I really like.

Anyways, the only other thing I'm really thinking about tonight is how badly I want to see 500 Days of Summer! It looks like *the* cutest movie of the summer. Hooray for the Sundance Film Festival! But yeah, hopefully I'll be able to see that when it releases on Friday.

Do y'all have any quirky things you do like me setting resolutions for my birthday?


  1. When I'm at some kind of performance or sporting event, when something good happens, I stand up, and start banging my hands together loudly. :)

  2. I don't do resolutions, but on my birthday each year I start a project or odd habit. It's been anything from writing once a week to twisting my ring any time I think of something good. I mostly do it as a disciplinary thing and each year I think back to how well I accomplished my habit or project and then do something new.


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