Wednesday, October 6, 2010

things that make me smile.

I could be upset right now if I really wanted -- Mr. Man and I broke up, summer is going away and Texas seems to be skipping right to winter, school is stressful, one of my teachers is an ass -- but there are just too many things to smile about.

Old reruns of Pinky and the Brain.
Meeting an online friend in real life.
Planning to meet another some time soon.
Walking my friend's dogs with him in cool weather.
Feeling like the universe is giving me each day as a personal gift.
Knowing I'll be seeing my cousin in Dallas this weekend.
Having friends that remind me they love me every day.
Donating money to a nonprofit I barely even knew existed. (Thanks, Olivia Rae!)
Knowing that people like the guys doing Pedal for Prevention exist.
Starting my Wreck This Journal.
Getting a photography internship with a local newspaper.
Laughing, a lot.
Eating whatever the hell I want.
Teaching a little girl how to read.
Considering a new tattoo.
Finding some new pen pals.
Joining campus organizations that are doing something good for the world.
Living life loudly and voraciously.
This one week of fall weather Texas is giving us.
Feeling healthy enough to go running again.
Reading inspiring blogs.

What are you guys smiling about these days?

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  1. I wasn't aware that y'all broke up- did this happen recently? Regardless, I'm glad you have found things to make you feel a little better. Can't wait to see you kinda soonish.


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