Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Travel Tuesday: San Francisco

travelling has always been a passion of mine. one not really lived out until recently. the idea of flying to far away countries, crossing oceans and completely devouring a new culture is perfection to me. i still have yet to mark off even a quarter of the places on my to go list but the thought of what lies ahead of me makes me more giddy then anything. a few weeks i traveled from my home in north carolina to nevada and california. even though this trip was a baby step in comparison to where i'd like to travel, i really did have the time of my life. lake tahoe, the golden gate bridge... it was incredible. i've been dreaming over these pictures since i returned so i thought i'd share a few today:)

thanks valorie for asking me to guest post! have fun in china!


photos from my flickr.

Nicole is on awesome twenty-something that blogs at my teacups in peony and can be found on twitter at @teacupsinpeony.


  1. What fun! I read Nicole's blog AND Valorie's blog so it's great seeing this guest post :)

  2. thanks lovely girl for having me!!


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