Friday, July 6, 2012

It's the first Friday? OF JULY?


Whoa, starting posts off with all caps. Probably not a good sign.

(Mellower.) It's July. And I find that strange because that means I'm about to be 22 in less than two weeks and people are going to actually start taking me seriously.

Pfft. Okay, even I couldn't make it through that sentence without laughing. No one will be taking me seriously for a long time, and that's good because they probably shouldn't be. Because, you know, I spend my time looking at crap wonderful mothereffing things on the internet like this:

(Mmm, fresh GIFs via How Do I Put This Gently?

But anyway. High five for Friday! It's the weekend! Hooray! If you've never linked up with Lauren for High Five for Friday, you should probably do it stat. My high points were kind of lame (like sleeping for eight hours two days in a row...)  but here's the best I could come up with. 

1. This is what my morning runs look like, and that makes me so happy.
2. For the first time ever, the people at Starbucks spelled my name right without me saying anything first. I was very impressed.
3&3.5. I had to rent a BMW yesterday because I needed to get to Target and buy a bunch of crap pretty much immediately. It was the only Zipcar left, and I didn't hate it.
4. My new lamp! Between buying this and renting a BMW yesterday, I really spoiled myself. Any ideas what I should put in the bottom of it?
5. A couple weeks ago, my phone was autocorrecting "God" to "Gosling." It's still doing that, and it makes me laugh every time. iPhone, you da, you da best.

And with that, it's time for the weekly round up. Except basically I've been really MIA, internet-wise, so this is mostly a round up of things I found other places on the internet that are great.

The Only Thing I've Written Here at Simply, Valorie or anywhere else on the internet: 
Things I Didn't Come Up With but Are AWESOME:
  • "Fear isn't the enemy. Fear just wants to protect you. It may look like an oxygen-sucking demon, but the fear loves you and wants to keep you safe. That's its job. So gently remind it that you are safe and its job is done. " - via Random Love Punches. My current favorite thing on the internet. Thank Amber Adrian and Robert Calise for this.

Happy weekend! If you have any ideas of how I should celebrate the anticlimactic birthday that is 22, leave them in the comments. :) 


  1. Hi there! Following you from the H54F! Look forward to reading more! I would appreciate the follow back. Well, at least come check out my blog! :) Have a great weekend!

  2. that BMW is sweet!! Very nice! Hope you have a great weekend! My iphone constantly changes so to do. AND I HATE IT!

  3. july came out of freaking no where. and that's mildly scary, because life is going to pick back up next month when i start student teaching and turn 22 and then graduate. wow.

    but honestly? wow. that lamp is fantastic! i have no idea what i would put in the bottom of one. but i would probably just change it all the time because i'm indecisive like nobody's business. haha

  4. I don't normally curse a whole lot, but I tried via text this weekend. Apparently my phone is not a fan of the curse words, and autocorrected all of them to something else. The best though was when it corrected "shitty" to "titty." I suppose I COULD have had a titty kind of day, but that's not really what I was going for.


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