Thursday, May 9, 2013

15 Things You'll Never Hear Me Say


1. Travel? No thanks, I'm content to stay in one place forever and ever.
2. I've had enough chocolate chip cookies.
3. Ew, keep dogs away from me.
4. I love it when people interrupt me.
5. Let's never do anything outdoorsy.
6. I hate Friends.
7. I would like to live in an apartment free of books.
8. Rick Perry is my favorite.
9. No, I don't want another hug.
10.  RyGos coloring book? Lame.
11. What? I never obsess about things.
12. I want to spend the next 50 years in a cubicle.
13. Coffee is the worst thing on the planet.
14. I would totally rather watch this movie than read the book it's based on.
15. But really, stop giving me hugs and stop inviting me on cool trips around the world.

Not sure where I saw these lists start, but it was too fun to pass up.

Happy Thursday!


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