Monday, September 19, 2011

Scenes from Beijing.

I know, I know. These photos are waaaaaaay over due. I know. 
Blogger wouldn't let me upload photos from China. 
And once I got back to the states I just got crazy busy. 
But, no excuses. Here we go. :) 

1. iphone collage. clockwise from left: giant gig 'em statue on my campus, the main fountain at the north gate of the campus where I worked; trays of food to be fried in a side alley way (yes, those are spiders and starfish and etc); live scorpions and starfish on skewers waiting to be fried. 
2. A hutong (an alleyway that hasn't been 'modernized') lined with modern cars.
3. Bikes, the traditional mode of transportation.
4. The drum and bell tower near Houhai.
5. Nanguoluxiang, a hutong full of traditional stores, art shops, and cute little food places.
6. Two doors near nanguoluxiang. The old and the new.
7. A little girl eating ice cream near nanguoluxiang.
8. Houhai, which means north lake. A beautiful and upscale area where Westerners tend to gather.
9-13: All taken in the 798 district, the major art district in Beijing.
9. The singing men statues. Larger than life groups of men, all almost completely identical, posed like they were singing.
10. Handmade bird cages and a pile of sewing string.
11. A statue made from spare parts; a scooter - China is getting its British invasion a few decades late; oversize traditional Chinese dress hanging from a tree - it says black clothes, I think.
12. Again, British invasion scooter.
13. A Chinese woman standing in beautiful red light.


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  1. these are awesome photos!! i especially love the one with the fish eye lens!


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