Monday, September 5, 2011

September Goals


It's September? What? It has been for FIVE DAYS? Are you sure?

Oh, the calendar says yes. That's awesome and it sucks. It's possible that this month Texas will have it's one week of fall (fingers crossed), but it also means graduation is drawing closer and I'm really not ready to let go of undergrad yet. SLOW DOWN, TIME.

Anyway. Goals. These are definitely necessary this month. Like whoa.

1. Post photos from China. I mean, geez Valorie. It's not like you want to be a professional photographer or anything.

2. Lose two pounds a week. So, China was great and all. Except... I never had access to a gym but the street food was greasy and delicious. TOTALLY UNEXPECTEDLY, none of my jeans fit now. Who saw that coming?

3. Study for the LSAT two hours a day. I may have to take Saturdays off, but I also have to take it (for the last time I ever) on October 1 so... that's cool.

4. Don't skip class. At least wait until November to start skipping. The senioritis is with this one.

5. Along that vein, maybe buy your textbooks at some point. That could be cool.

6. Finish applying for Teach For America. Your application is due September 16, Valorie. Why are you talking to yourself in the third person?

7. Be more present in the blogsphere. I wonder why I feel like I'm losing followers and then I realize it's because I don't interact with y'all. So, take this as my formal apology and also my promise to actually comment on your posts now that I'm back stateside.

8. Take more pictures. I mean this formally and informally. Try to do a photoshoot or two, AND take more photos when you're with your friends. Someday, you'll be mad at yourself if you don't.

9. Finish three things on your 101 list. You're really not doing so hot with this, so go for four, but three is good. Also, be rull proud of yourself for remembering that thing even exists.

10. Live it up. You've got 95 days of undergrad left. THAT'S LESS THAN A HUNDRED DAYS, VALORIE. Go to Pub Quiz on Sunday nights. Go to the football games. Hang out with your friends. Don't hide in your apartment, don't worry so much about homework, don't let being shy stop you. You'll regret it.

What are your goals this month?


  1. Right there with you at #8. I spent the afternoon with one of the most amazing people I've ever met, had my camera right there the whole time, didn't take a single photo. Such an idiot, I am. Already regretting it.

  2. oh food from China is SO very greasy. i really need to set myself some goals too, but one of them is definitely to get more work-life balance! And also to return to the blog..and catch up on blog reading (:


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