Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! Sometime this weekend (or week off, for those of you skipping Monday and Tuesday to celebrate July 4th!) you should check out at least one of these lovely ladies. I love them to bits and pieces and not just because they sponsor this blog (and so my wine habit) but also because they're fabulous and wonderful.

What could be better? I mean, really.

This is Alex of Ifs, Ands, & Butts. She's a fellow Texan who has up and moved to Germany. Her life and story are just so cool - you have to check her out!
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This is Amy, of Crazy, Random Happenstances. She's ANOTHER fellow Texan who writes a lot about life, marriage, and awesome things to do in the best state in the US. Just sayin'. 
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Beat the Heat: 5 Ways to Enjoy Austin in the Summer
Just a regular Thursday...
It's my birthday week! 

And this is dear Jamie of Awesomely Awkward. She is funny and often posts great hair tutorials - I mean, how could she not? She's got gorgeous hair, right?
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There you go! You can already tell these ladies are awesome, can't you? 

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! And since I probably won't be back before the 4th (I'm visiting family, myself) have a happy Fourth of July! Shoot off some fireworks for me. :)

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