Monday, June 4, 2012

the roller coaster of May and good intentions for June.

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In all frankness, May was an emotional roller coaster for me. I spent nights alone crying in my kitchen, I spent a weekend jealous of #BiSC tweets (I AM going in 2013, if it kills me), I felt all the joy and excitement I can only feel when photographing a wedding, I felt all the anxiety of unemployment, I celebrated getting a new job with a Kate Spade weekender bag, I started running again and felt amazing about it, I spent a weekend in Texas and started feeling all the homesickness, I became a single lady again, and I launched a couple new projects that I'm outrageously excited about.

Any given day was a mixture of guilt, excitement, depression, joy, and anxiety, and the whole month ended on an intense manic swing that is surprising even me.

I went in to May with good intentions - Be healthier! Cherish my relationship with my boyfriend! Allow room for more creativity in my life! Of course, good intentions aren't everything, some things were beyond my control, and going in to June my life is dramatically different than it was a month ago. 

I think I'm scaling back for June - minimalism is the name of the game for me this month. I've got another eleven days of promotions for the giveaway I'm running* and I've started a couple new projects, but I need some time to myself to figure out my next steps. At encouragement from several friends, I'm slowing the hell down this month and focusing on myself. I'm spending more time meditating, more time outside taking pictures, more time journaling, less time watching Netflix, and less time worrying about whether I'm pleasing anyone else.

What are your goals for the month?

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Happy June, everyone! :)

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  1. Hope everything goes up from here. I admire your level head about everything! Congrats on the job also!

  2. that does sound like quite a tumultuous month. scaling back is a good thing. enjoy it, girl! and congratulations on your new job :)

  3. Hope you take all the time you need this month to focus on what makes you happiest. Thinking of you, lady! xo

  4. Reading this post reminded me of The Happiness Project. I finished reading it a couple of weeks ago, and I recommend it! I really loved it! It's both like a self-help book and a memoir, if that makes sense. It's totally worth it! I do hope June does you good!

  5. For this month I plan to slow down in the sense of being aware of myself and my actions and also speeding up my accomplishments and life goals. The summer is for change! :)


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