Wednesday, October 14, 2009

ArtLurker AND Maroon 5 Lied to Me!

As many of you saw (and were rightfully disgusted by), on Saturday I posted an entry titled "The Craziest Man in America?" about a man and his "artistic" rape tunnel.

Now, I need to kind of rescind that post. And apologize for calling him deranged.

See, the people I got the article from, ArtLurker, admitted a few days after the posting of the Rape Tunnel article that it was all a hoax. I originally thought that maybe it might be, but so many outside news articles and websites supported it that I decided to concede that the world is in fact filled with lunatics that need to be castrated. Luckily, my original hunch was proven correct by my good friend Stephanie (who you should follow on Twitter) who found this article from ArtLurker saying that it was a "joke" posted to encourage discussion about modern art.

Now, while I was initially annoyed that someone would use rape as such a sick joke (one of these days, there'll be a full post on that), I soon breathed a sigh of relief.

There's no Rape Tunnel! My faith in humanity has been restored! The world is in fact filled with rainbows and butterflies, no matter WHAT Maroon 5 says!

Okay, maybe not. But at least I'm not tweeting about castrating the poor guy anymore.

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  1. Woooahhhh...glad it's a joke, but I agree, not very funny.


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