Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lyrics by Hand

Remember how #49 on my list of 101 things in 1001 days was start a fun/interesting blog meme?

Well, my best friend Travis stole my thunder beat me to it:

He's started Lyrics by Hand over on tumblr. Isn't he awesome?

I think Lyrics by Hand is a pretty stinkin' sweet idea, and I'll tell you why (as if you could stop me): A person's handwriting is distinctive, and so is his/her musical tastes. So by hand writing the lyrics to our favorite songs, it's quite the reflection on our personality and identity. It's all about what makes us, us. It's a bit PostSecret-like in the way it can define us, or at least a part of us.

The Regina Spektor one was my first submission! Now, you should too! Email a photo to LyricsByHand [at] tumblr [dot] com and they'll queue up! The only rules are:
  • They must be handwritten.
  • Attribute the song and musician
  • Keep it short, no one wants to read the entire lyrics to a song they’ve never heard.
  • No vulgar lyrics, please.

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