Friday, October 30, 2009

Number 9

Life has been CRAZY this past week, hence the total lack update since the 23rd when I spontaneously told you guys I'm going to LBK for the weekend.

Unfortunately, when I promised you guys pictures (I believe my exact quote was "lots and lots"), I lied. Techie and I didn't take a single picture the whole weekend, except of this ridiculously too adorable puppy that we *definitely* almost stole. Can you blame us?! Look at it! I'm sorry the photo is a little blurry; it wouldn't stay still!

The trip though, was wonderful. Mostly because I got to see my best friend, who I hadn't seen in months, but also because Texas A&M beat Tech in what was probably the most surprising game of the season. 52-30. Whoop! First time we've won in Lubbock since...1993, I want to say? Good times. :)

I wish I could give y'all more pictures. But don't worry, there will really and truly be lots and lots of pictures after Halloween. I promise. :)

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