Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Thought While Researching

I'm reading a lot of John Stuart Mill and Henry David Thoreau tonight in an attempt to do some quick research for a paper I have to write and somewhere between the lines of passive resistance and utilitarianism (the harm principle), I had a thought:

In worrying about who we will be tomorrow, we lose sight of who we are today.

I've been so freaking guilty of that recently. Damn.


  1. That's a pit I fall into all the time!

  2. i don't think that's only recently ! we're all obsessed with the future. sometimes we don't even realize that. like when we're stressed for example. most people don't realize it's because they are focusing on something that hasn't happened yet.

    i am such a pro with the "live in the moment" tricks now ! feel like i should do an article about it maybe ! you could contribute ^^


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