Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Goals & Dreams

I've been noticing that Rachel does this every month, and I think it's a really good way of holding yourself accountable to...yourself? I find so often that suddenly a month has gone by and I've accomplished absolutely nothing during that time, which not only bothers me, but kind of scares me. So, my April Goals:

1. Get my Aggie Ring. I mean, yes, okay, I already ordered it. But I get it on April 15th and I'd like to not only get it, but make that weekend be a good weekend. It'd also be nice if I dunked it, but since I don't have a ring dunk planned yet, I'm avoiding making that an official goal.

2. Take 26 of 30 possible photos for this Project 365 this month. I almost always miss at least one day a week, but I'd like to make sure it doesn't go above that.

3. Hang up my 'Keep Calm Carry On' poster. It's been sitting on the floor against the wall for roughly two months now. THIS MUST HAPPEN. Along with this, I'd like to hang the other 8-10 framed photos I have lying around.

4. Work out at least three times a week, every week. I'd like to say five times, but I'm trying to be realistic here.

5. Attend the Every Victim, Every Time conference here in B/CS. (Registration is still open! And I still have to register, so you should too!)

6. Do at least one photo shoot with a friend. I need to start getting comfortable behind a camera with someone modeling for me. Any volunteers? It'll be free for you and you'll get some cool pictures out of it. :)

7. Keep up with laundry and cleaning so they don't became overwhelming all-day chores on Saturdays. I have a bad habit of not doing laundry for three weeks or not cleaning often enough, and then I suddenly have to spend ten hours doing it all on Saturdays, which is a waste.

8. Take some suuuuper legit photos at Chilifest on the 9th. I'll be there for Maroon Weekly, so (again) find me if you're there!

9. Keep up with a budget. I've been doing pretty well so far and it's very necessary that I actually do this, so I'm pretty proud of myself at this point. Now let's see how the rest of the month goes.

10. Complete at least two of my 101 in 1001 goals. I'm working on #32 -- give up coffee for two weeks, and I'm thinking this month sounds like a good month to either #82 send more secrets into PostSecret or #92 take pictures in a photobooth. I'd also like to keep the little mini-garden I planted alive for more than like, a day.

What are your April dreams/goals? :)


  1. my goals are to do some serious spring cleaning and sorting. i have so much stuff to go through between bills and random things on our fridge. and i know that hanging up some prints would be fun too. lots to do, lots to do! :)

  2. Girrrl I'm so like you. I have tons of stuff to hang up, or even frames that are UP... but have no pictures in them. Oy. And send that motivation to work out MY WAY too. :P
    I'd be your model too. Although that could be hard to organize, hehe. <3


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