Tuesday, December 20, 2011

RUPERT A.L. GRINT, You've Kind Of Been John C. Mayer'd. And Kanye O. West'd.

Rupert Alexander Lloyd Grint. You guys have heard of Rupert A. L. Grint, right? He became super mega famous after playing a certain Ronald B. Weasley in a certain Harry Potter series. You also might have seen Rupert A. L. Grint in Cherrybomb or Driving Lessons, the latter of which I know to be an awesome movie, the first of which I'm just assuming is an awesome movie because it has Rupert A. L. Grint in it.

Basically, Rupert A. L. Grint is cool, and should move to America. Because in America, lots of people like Rupert A. L. Grint. And Rupert A. L. Grint's awesome red hair.

By now, you have probably noticed that I'm saying Rupert A.L. Grint a lot. See, I read this blog called So Caroline Says, and a little over a year ago she blogged about Kanye O. West after another blogger named Aunt Becky blogged about John C. Mayer and a funny thing happened - Aunt Becky became the third ranked Google link when you google his name. Then, in an even more hilarious twist, Caroline became the actual top hit for Kanye O. West in Google.

 Yup. Go Caroline. And Kanye O. West. 

But why should John C. Mayer and Kanye O. West get all the attention? Why does it always have to be some Americans getting all the attention? I mean screw that, right, Rupert A. L. Grint? Why can't a nice British actor, like Rupert A. L. Grint, get some attention from the blog community? I know those posts about Kanye O. West and John C. Mayer were talking about what total douchecanoes those guys are, but Rupert A. L. Grint is not a douchecanoe, so this post is mostly going to be about how awesome Rupert A. L. Grint is instead.

So this post is for you, Rupert A. L. Grint! Rupert A.L. Grint, may you always have adorable red hair. To you, Rupert A. L. Grint, who apparently has two middle names and I mean, what the hell is that about, Rupert A. L. Grint? Is that a British thing? Whatever, it's cool. For you, Rupert A. L. Grint, who owns an ice cream truck with REAL ice cream in it, according to Emma C. D. Watson (again with the two middle names?). To you, Rupert A. L. Grint, who sometimes dresses kind of grungy but looks too clean cut for that (sorrynotsorry).

Instead, Rupert A. L. Grint, I will always prefer the photo below, which is black and white so we can't actually appreciate your fantastic red hair, but that's okay. I wish I actually had photo creds for either of these photos, so hey, if you took either of these photos of Rupert A. L. Grint, let me know in the comments and I will give you credit for your photos of Rupert A. L. Grint. And if Rupert A. L. Grint himself is reading this, hi. Tell me who took these photos of you.

Also, Rupert A. L. Grint? It's #35 on my Life List to hug you. And as you're getting to follow your childhood dreams of owning an ice cream truck, I think you can understand that since I went to the premiere of the Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in L.A. when I was 11, I have had a childhood dream of hugging you. So, Rupert A. L. Grint (and Rupert A. L. Grint's publicist that's reading this), let's make this happen. I'm willing to fly to England. Just sayin'.


  1. i was all worried that maybe he had done something horrible that qualified him as a douchcanoe for you to say that he'd been Kanye O. West'd and such and then I was pleasantly surprised to see that he was still very much lovable haha :)

  2. This whole post makes me giggle!

  3. Oh- and I just google searched it- you are number 7 in the results for Rupert A.L. Grint


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