Monday, February 13, 2012

Guest Blogger! Amy on Keeping Courage and Remembering the Good

Amy is one of the first people who ever went from blog/twitter friend to IRL 
friend for me. She's a twenty-something that's married to herhigh school 
sweetheart and she's one of the most genuine and funny women I've ever met; 
I'm so glad she wanted to guest blog here today! You can find her blogging at
 Crazy Random Happenstances, or  on twitter as @AmyReneePowell. Give her some 
love too, guys! 
{And I promise I'll be back for real soon!) 
The end of school marked the biggest move of my life.
Me with my family on "the day"
I had already gotten married before graduation. I'd even already began my post-
graduation job. But when I actually got to that fateful day where I was to walk 
across the stage, I couldn't believe it. I was about to stop going to school - 
something I'd been doing for my entire life.

I know this isn't a new or unique feeling. Everyone sees graduation as the start 
to something huge. The problem is, I'm almost 2 years out and still haven't 
figured out what that something is going to be. I had to put my life on hold 
because I was married, my husband had to finish school, and I wasn't quite sure 
what I wanted to do next.

But now... My husband and I are both finally finished with college - and have to 
decide where to go next. I'm back at the same place I was at right after 
graduation. Except older.

We're juggling with questions like, "Do we keep our jobs?" and "How  close to 
family do we want to be?" or "What do we actually want to do  with ourselves?" 
We have graduate school and student loans and starting  our own businesses to 
think about. And the "kid question" is coming up  much faster than I thought it 
would. I know we'll find an answer for it all. It's just frustrating at times to 
find myself back in the same place.
I've even resorted back to MySpace-backward pictures of myself
But then I remind myself that literally thousands and thousands of people 
before me have not only faced these same questions, but have  found answers to 
them. And reminding myself of that makes me feel a  little more secure.

So I'm trying to remember that big moves aren't all bad. Sure, they are scary. 
But they are also exciting. I can pursue that job that I'm really passionate 
about, or move to a city I've only dreamed of just because. I'm also lucky, 
because I have a partner to help make decisions.

I have no idea where I'm going to be living in 6 months. And for now, I'm 
learning to be okay with that. Big moves don't come with clear answers all the 


  1. This is such an exciting time for you and C! I'm anxious to learn what the next big thing will be. :-)

  2. thanks for letting me write over here, girl :)

    1. Thanks for doing it, Amy! I loved having you. :)

  3. Hi to both Amy and Valorie. I recently started following Amy and jumped right over here when she said she was guesting here. (Yea! Guest Posting works). Both of you inspire me with the courage you are tapping into for the big changes (including moves) in your life. It is exciting. My hubby and I made several big moves including one to Seattle (we had always been in either NC or VA before that). Seattle was one of the most wonderful experiences of our lives (including our daughter). And, now that I'm back in NC, I've come with a new fresh perspective. --Anyway, enough about me. I'm looking forward to reading more of both of your adventures. --P.S. Valorie, I'm a new follower. I think you are only 4 away from your goal of 100.

    1. Well thanks for following, Kimberly! I hope you don't regret it! :) Just teasing - but seriously. If you ever find the time, email me and tell me a little about Seattle. I've always been dying to go but have no idea what I'd do while there. Give me a reason to go! :)

  4. Good luck to you Amy! Yes- we all ask ourselves those questions. Everything happens in it's own time. Enjoy being young and enjoy married life for a bit before kids. I was 25 before I got married and waited until 30 to have my first kid. I am so glad we waited- had we had kids while we lived in England, we would have been tied down and not been able to travel and see as much as we did. It was an awesome experience and I am glad I spent my 20's getting to know ME and then my husband before having my kids in my 30's.


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