Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Evaluating January and the February Goalsteps


As I mentioned in January, I want 2012 to be awesome, I want to live as loudly and voraciously as I can, and I want to skid into New Year's Eve looking back and saying "that. was. awesome."

To do that, I got organized. I made buckets that together define my life: Creativity, Exercise, Friendship, Romance, Self-Improvement, Career, Photography, Internet Everything, Do Uncomfortable Things, Finances, and Travel. Yes, 11 buckets.

In each of those buckets, I set three big huge goals that would make me thrilled to accomplish. In a couple buckets, I actually set 4 goals (oops).

Will I accomplish all 33 35 goals? Maybe. But probably not. Priorities will change. I'll realize it's not something I actually want to do. Some won't be possible at first and will have to wait. Some I've already finished. But I'm already liking this system, even though it was hard to do this month with all the moving.

To get these 35 goals done, each month, I sit down on the first (today!) and I write down one goalstep to do that month. Why 'goalstep'? Because it's the step I'm going to take that month to make something happen. It takes a little pressure off and keeps me moving forward.

My goals for January went okay. It was hard doing a lot while I was trying to find apartments and living in someone else's space. But I think I got a lot done, and while some had to get rolled over, it's been a wonderful process. And now, I want to share some of my February goals with you guys. Partly to keep me accountable, partly so I can't lose the stupid piece of paper I write my goalsteps down on (I did this in January and it threw me for a loop), and partly because I know seeing other people's goals inspires the heck out of me, so maybe I can help someone else out that way too.

The Exercise Bucket
Get a gym membership
Become a yoga studio member
Lose 1 pound (I want to lose 12 pounds over all this year, so 1 pound a month)

The Friendship Bucket
Make all my Skype dates with KJ and Cyndi (I miss you guys so much!)
Make and send a birthday gift for two friends back home
Move into a dog-friendly apartment (this is so I can get a greyhound!)

The Self-Improvement Bucket
Get an apartment (this is so I can set a cleaning schedule and keep to it)
Set up a handwriting template (my ultimate goal is to be good at calligraphy to address letters)
Stop biting my lips

The Photography Bucket
Do a staged bridal shoot (if any of you know a good thrift store I can pick up a wedding dress, or anyone who would be willing to model for me, email me at valorieclarkphotography {at} gmail {dot} com!)
Be a second shooter for a wedding
Save $50+ dollars toward this lens.
Find a few photography contests to enter

The Internet Everything Bucket
Hit 100 followers on this blog (if you've got tips or want to help out, shoot me an email!)
Start selling ads in March (for now, I'm doing button/ad swaps! If you're interested, email me!)
Find out how much it would cost to get my blog it's own domain

The Creativity Bucket
Pick one novel to start working on again
Make this 2012 memories jar
Read A Prayer for Owen Meany

The Do Uncomfortable Things Bucket
Find a place in/near DC to either free-fall or bungee jump (Anyone know of a good place?)
Take good care of my hair (this is so I can donate it in May!)
Sign up for the Color Run in September! (Sign ups open today!)

There are other buckets (Finances, Romance, Travel) but those are more private and/or boring, so I didn't share them. What do you guys think? Anything on here you're doing? Anyone want to sign up for the Color Run with me? It's only a 5k and I need the encouragement!

Also - I'm still looking for guest bloggers and still thinking about that advice column idea. Tell me your opinions!

Ready? Go!


  1. Every time I read... well anything about you (blog, twitter, facebook, etc) I grow so envious! You are so brave and fabulous! Hope I can visit you in D.C. sometime while my mom still has flight benefits!!!

  2. I think these are great goals to start off with. I would definitely suggest starting with ones you can do easily (like gym membership) & work your way up. The more you accomplish, the more you'll get encouraged & want to continue on.

    Good luck with it all! and don't forget to relax & enjoy where you're at while trying to be "better" :)


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