Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jesse McCartney Concert :]

On Friday, Cyndi and I spent the day in Arlington. We drove to Six Flags of Texas in the morning, picked up our tickets for the Jesse McCartney concert that night, left Six Flags, then spent the day partly with Kevin in a Barnes and Noble drinking coffee and writing (hey, at least we weren’t wearing berets and being snobby too). It was great; I definitely got a lot of writing done AND finally got a picture of Kevin and I where neither of us are being too conceited and/or looking really mad.

But, that’s not what I’m here to tell you about. I am here to tall you about the glory that was the Jesse McCartney concert that night.

So, I’m going to be honest. If a week ago, you would have asked me what I thought of Jesse McCartney, I would have told you he’s a pretty boy with an acceptable amount of talent, that sings a lot of pop with a few good hits, and it really only famous because of his ultra-talented father. Now I’d tell you that he’s a very pretty boy with a crazy amount of talent, who is doing awesome and original things with music, has a lot of really great honest songs, and would have been famous no matter who his family was.

Seeing him perform live was epic. That’s the only way to put it. He quite simply puts on a great show that entertains and excites. I could rave for hours, so here are few more pictures instead.
By the way, we were really close to the stage. :]

look at those moves :3

That was supposed to be me. Except, really. She was jail bait; I'm at least his age (which I shouted when he picked her -- the back up dancer on the right laughed).

my favorite picture from the concert. :]

The storm that made the concert end early and the park close. LAME.


  1. Who is Jesse McCartney's ultra-talented father? The only ultra-talented McCartney I can think of is Paul, and I don't think they're related...

  2. Yeah, I realized that later. I don't know why I assumed the two were connected.


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