Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Totally Awkward Tuesday

I know I haven't posted a TAT in a while, but I have recently thought of a few really awkward situations I've been in in the past and thought I'd share at least one today. :] As always, this is hosted by the ever-wonderful Tova.

So, my first room mate was a great girl. Really funny, laid-back, wonderful. We fought like once the entire year we lived together (though I'm sure there were more times than that that we wanted to kill each other) and it was just easy and awesome. Now, there was one thing that made our relationship awkward occasionally. Before I explain, I'd like to remind you all that I'm very open-minded and was totally cool with this whole thing, it really honestly didn't bother me at all. My wonderful room mate was gay. Like I said, it was fine. It only ever caused a problem once and a half-ish. This is the story of that half-ish.

One day, my new room mate, Ayla, stopped by my old room mate and I's room to kick me awake to go to our Phi Lamb meeting and, naturally, saw my room mate. They made small talk while I got ready and it turned out my room mate was on Skype with her girlfriend. I'd never seen the girl before but I'd heard a lot about her so when Ayla told me that my room mate and the GF had been talking, I wasn't surprised. But then when we left, Ayla did tell me something surprising:

"Valorie, her girlfriend could be your twin."

This didn't really bother me that much. I mean, it was kind of awkward, you know the same way it's awkward when you find out that a co-worker has a little crush on you but you so don't have a crush on them. I mean, apparently I was kind of physically attractive to her. Not so bad, I've been told worse (and been in more awkward situations), so I just kind of ignored it. However, Ayla wasted no time telling all of our guy friends (who are big macho men that are not so comfortable with their sexuality) about this new development in what I've come to call the Room Mate Files (after the X-Files. I don't know, I'm lame.)

They made fun of me incessantly. "Valorie, I bet she takes picture of you while you sleep." "I bet she watches you change." I knew none of this was true because she always fell asleep before me and because we never really had the same schedule so we never had to change in front of one another. That got awkward because they'd stop by the room on our way somewhere and make weird faces at me about it and annoy me about it in very loud voices about it on the most conservative campus in the nation.

She, of course, knew none of this. And, eventually, the girl and her broke up. But to this day, my friends are like "Remember that time your room mate was in love with you, so she dated a girl that looked just like you?"

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