Monday, August 24, 2009

Why I Love TAMU

Today was the kind of day I needed here at the wonderful Texas A&M, especially now that all the sophomores-graduate students of TAMU are posting annoyed Facebook statuses about all the traffic now that the freshman have arrived and have no idea where they're going. (Really, it's awful. They should take the bus until they figure out where everything is.) Today made me laugh, which I definitely needed to remind me of how much I love A&M.

Classes start in one week, meaning this week is Howdy Week, aka the week of FREE STUFF here at Texas A&M. But instead of reveling in FREE STUFF, today my wonderful room mate and I decided to go hunt down the buildings our classes would be in because there were a building or two we'd never been to/heard of. If you know anything about TAMU, you probably know that former-President George Bush Sr.'s Presidential Library/Museum is housed here. One of my classes happens to be near it (which is unfortunate, because it's very far from main campus), over in the business school. Confused as to where this building was because it apparently has two names, we walked into a random building, hoping someone in there would be able to help us out.

Have I mentioned by the way that it's 100+ degrees out, we're dressed in oversized sunglasses, workout shorts, and t-shirts and I even have a tiny little stain on mine from some coffee I'd spilled earlier? No? Well, keep that in mind.

Again, we walk into this random building. It's surprisingly crowded. I glance down the hall to my left, and there are at least 30 students dressed very nicely holding folders and looking at Ayla and I rather curiously. Then, an even more nicely dressed (think very nice business suit) man looks at us and says "Howdy, are you here to register for the business convention?"

Ayla and I pause. I consider what I'm wearing versus what everyone else is wearing.

To be perfectly honest, I was tempted to say yes in a very serious voice. That moment passed and I was VERY tempted to say, "Really, dressed like this? Really? REALLY?"

Instead, our crafty response was: "If we are, do we get anything free?"

I think we said the right thing.

(If you're curious -- yes, the guy laughed. Yes, we found the building we were looking for. And yes, the picture is from a statue near the Presidential Library, and yes that is part of the Berlin Wall at the feet of the horses.)

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  1. I like how we can both be friends while both really loving our mortal enemy schools. :)


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