Tuesday, August 11, 2009

6:50 am

Yes, that IS what time it is as I write this. I wish I could say it's because I was somewhere east of me and my body was still mentally in that time zone, but no, it's because I had crazy nightmares and my mind forced me to wake up to escape the torture of my dreams.

Unfortunately, I'm back from San Diego. This means lots of real-world-type things like work and packing to move on August 15th; the latter sounds much more exciting. I've bought some art for the walls in my bedroom and I think I'm going to start shopping for living room art soon -- Ayla has apparently decided to leave most of the decorating up to me, which while I think is a bad idea (I will have too much fun with it) I also appreciate that she trusts me with that kind of an undertaking. :] But anyways, I'm actually leaving home this Friday afternoon and start moving in at 9 am Saturday morning. That's going to be a LONG day. But there will be pictures. Oh, lots and lots of pictures. Speaking of pictures, I uploaded the ones from San Diego, CA, so go mosey on over and look at those. They're cool. :]

Quick follow-up: In my last In The News post, I talked briefly about pro-democracy voice Aung San Suu Kyi and the whole hearing thing. Well, early this morning she was convicted of violating state security laws by allowing that American into her house after she swam there. Her sentence? 18 more months of house arrest (aka: Don't take part in the 2010 elections).

Here, to tide me over to your next post (it's possible that they'll be sporadic now that I'm moving), here's a little movie trailer that I only discovered thanks to Accidentally, Kle. Enjoy!

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