Wednesday, January 20, 2010

And So It Begins...

Disclaimer: I LOVE WEDDINGS.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way...

I knew that the day was going to come when one of my close friends got engaged and I had to prepare myself for her wedding and possibly being a bridesmaid or at the very least buying her a gift and attending all the showers and all that.

Holy crap, I didn't know it would be this soon.

I am jumping the gun a little bit -- one of my oldest friends, Sydney (yes, of this story), announced just last night/today that she's engaged! Which is really really really exciting because I know she's going to be happy with Eric, even though I've never met him. That's how many wonderful things I've heard about him (not just from her). So, even though I've already told her, I'll put it down in writing too: congratulations to her!

But wow I'm already feeling the pressure that weddings bring -- the whole 'If I go, will I have a date?' thing. (I say 'if' because she and I have kind of lost touch a bit recently and I'm not honestly sure I'll be invited). If I go, are people going to be saying 'don't worry, it'll be your turn soon!' Or wondering why I'm not getting engaged? I don't even have a boyfriend, how am I supposed to be getting engaged?! Why don't I even have a boyfriend? Am I not good enough? Is something wrong with me?!

Yes. These questions are legitimately running through my mind. I think they wouldn't be so bad if so many bloggypeople that I follow weren't getting engaged/planning their weddings too (Teacups in Peony, Katelin, etc...). But I suddenly feel like I am surrounded by diamond rings and white dresses and flowers and wondering why the hell I don't even have a boyfriend!

I know, I probably need to just step back and take a breath and focus on just being really really happy for Sydney and Eric. :) Because I AM really really insanely happy for Sydney and Eric.

But holy crap, I'm freaking out.


  1. Oh my goodness, I know what you mean about the weddings! You and I are close in age, and I've already been in a wedding of my cousin who is a month younger than I am, a friend who is only a few months older than I am, and attended several others. I think this time in life is the season of weddings. I know it's hard not to focus on your own relationships or lack thereof when you see other friends getting married, but remember that you're still young and still have plenty of time for God to bring the right guy into your life :) His timing is going to be way better than you'd ever imagined too, I promise :)

  2. Lady friend, you must chill, breathe... and remember you're only 19. That gives you LOTS of time to find the right man. But I know where you're coming from. I'm 20 in, lets count it, 11 days and I've never even HAD a boyfriend. So no worries. Live your life and when it's right, the guy will show up. :)

  3. I love weddings too! I have only been to a handful of them since most people I knew when I moved here were already married and everyone from my high school were getting married back home in Colorado and I couldn't make the trip.
    Who knows...maybe you'll meet Mr. Right at Sydney & Eric's wedding!?


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