Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Weekend Update

Wow. This past weekend was intense. I went home and it was so incredibly full of things happening that it's going to be hard to remember it all to tell you.

Friday: Got out of class late and didn't get to hit the road until seven. Encountered four wrecks between my apartment and the highway. :( Finally got home and went to my friend Jason's 23rd birthday dinner. We all went to a really cute Italian restaurant and sat around chitchatting until past one.

Saturday: Had to take my laptop, my baby that isn't a fur-baby, to the doctor (Apple Store) because the CD drive stopped working. :( But later I got to have lunch with Sydney and her fiancé (I told y'all about them on Wednesday, remember?) and that was awesome. They're really quite perfect for each other, and I'm really excited for them. :) After lunch, we watched the movie Up! (Seen it? It's kind of sad, but good.) That night I met my friend Melissa for dinner and coffee, which was awesome. We talked for hours and had a lot of fun. :) We used to be incredibly close but had a brief -- 9 month long -- falling out, so we're still getting back on our feet and regaining all our trust from that. After that was when the really intense part of the weekend started. I dated a guy in high school for a year and a half and ever since we broke up we've been trying to be friends and have been hanging out occasionally but it's been awkward and difficult. Well, to make a really long story short, I hung out with him on Saturday night, we talked for about five hours (about why we broke up in the first place, why things went so badly after we broke up, etc.) and decided to get back together! I know, it's kind of hasty, but we both admitted that our feelings had never changed and we really want to give this another try. So, if I refer to Mr. Man, that's who I'm talking about (I've decided not to use his real name).

Sunday: I went out for brunch with some family friends and exchanged (incredibly late) Christmas presents (I got a gift card for a massage! Hooray!). We had a lot of fun just catching up. Both the girls are in high school now, so it was refreshing to finally be able to talk to them like they're people, not kids (I've literally watched them grow up). I saw Mr. Man once more before leaving, which was nice because this is going to be long distance (he's in Dallas, I'm at TAMU), but I unfortunately had to leave Precious back at the house (that's the emotional thing I referred to last week) because she's much happier there. She wasn't eating much here because she was depressed and missed her fellow dog-friends, and I just couldn't do that to her anymore.

How were your weekends? :) <3

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