Friday, May 14, 2010

It's Simple, Really

I'm back from my hiatus. :)

I've been realizing that it's the little things in life that matter.
I mean, I've always known that, you know? How many cliches tell us that, right?
But it hit me that I forgot that because of everything else that's been going on.

I resolved to be more happy during my hiatus. It's like that one Click Five song says -- There's always going to be something in your way, so what can you say? You're going to have a good day. (Those are totally not the right lyrics, I paraphrased. Deal.)
(Also, go watch the video that links to. They're awesome. You gave me music recs, now I'm giving you one. Also, they're cute. Enjoy. Thank me later.)

So, simple things. I've noticed it's these things that make me the happiest. Getting a job and making all As and being on summer break? That makes me happy. But it's the little things that make life joyful.

Like really delicious snacks.

Reading next to a pond.


Finally getting the tattoo I always said I would.

Lime green nail polish.
Volunteering to help a kid learn how to read.
Spending a sunny day by the pool. Spending a rainy night curled up in Mr. Man's arms and watching planes take off.
Waking up in the morning to sunlight streaming through the window.
Singing along to Avenue Q during long drives.
Laughing with my friends. Making friends through Twitter. And Blogger, too. :)

You know. Simple things.

How have you guys been?


  1. YAYAYAYAYAYYAYA. you're back!

  2. i missed you! even though i saw you yesterday... i missed your blogs!

  3. ahhh i missed you! and i love, love, love the tat with the lime green nail polish :) i'm a tad jealous, if i do say so myself haha


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