Friday, May 11, 2012

it's friday, friday...

High-five for Friday! Woohoo! Normally, I'm really excited on Fridays, but if you guys have been following the blog at all you know that today is the last day of my internship, and I (still) don't have a job yet. But I've had two interviews, so fingers crossed! If you know of any job openings in social media in DC or want to hire me to photograph your wedding, let me know. (Shameless self plug, but I don't care.) :)

my five favorite things from this week:
1. Getting my hair cut! I seriously hadn't had a hair cut since January, so it was about time! I haven't taken a photo yet (I know, I know, how ridiculous), but I will soon! 

2. Meeting a friend for a summery drink last night. We sat on a rooftop patio and had strawberry lemonades and it was just perfect. 

3. Doing a lot more writing this week outside the blog world. I do a lot of internet writing (I'm everywhere!) but, this week I've been sitting down with cups of coffee and Word and doing some personal writing. And I love it! 

4. Finding out about a place where I can take free language lessons here in DC. THE COOLEST. You better believe I'm signing up for French or Spanish or something. :)

5. Going through photos from the wedding I photographed last weekend. I can't stop looking at them! They're so pretty! (Check out the preview here! I'm so excited I just want ALL THE PEOPLE to see them, haha.)

One of these days, I'll actually remember to take photos on instagram of all these things so I can share them! Haha. (You can follow me there as TheValorieClark. Woo!)

The week in review. Woo!

Things You Might Have Missed Here on Simply, Valorie:
Things I Did Other Places on the Internet:
Things I Didn't Come up With but Love:
That's all for me! I have the apartment to myself (boyfriend is back home watching his sister graduate today - yay for her!), so I think I'm going to do a lot of nesting and reading. I'm so excited! What are you guys up to this weekend?


  1. Nesting sounds good! I think I'll do some of that this weekend, too!

  2. I heart summery drinks!

    Happy Friday xo

  3. I wish you good luck in finding a job!
    have a lovely weekend :)

  4. I'm super jealous about the free language classes! My husband is fluent in Spanish but I'm not which is funny considering my heritage. Good luck finding a job--I'm sure that great things will head your way!

  5. Free language class rocks! I so wish that I had a 2nd language. Keep us posted on your progress.

  6. The language classes sound fantastic! So cool. Good luck with the job hunt. I wish I was getting married - I'd totally hire you.

  7. Whoa so cool on the free language classes! What is it called? You should take German ;)


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