Monday, May 7, 2012

let's see those may flowers.


Let me be the eleventy billionth person to say it - what? It's already May? 

May is and will be a big month for me. I already traveled to New Jersey to shoot a wedding with the lovely Rachel, my internship will be ending this Friday (gulp), and this is the last full month to accomplish my 101 in 1001 list (it ends June 7).

April was pretty good, all in all. In fact, here's the April Eff Yeah! List: Made new friends; lost two pounds; finally got VCP all incorporated and official; hit 130+ followers here; read Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle; and created a new website that is almost ready to be revealed! Yay! 

Now, the May Goals, which I'm super excited about: 

Yoga twice a week
Work out three times a week
Drink 8 actual cups of water a day

Stop biting my lips (seriously, I need tips on how to break this habit)
Fill a stack of post its with inspirational messages and leave them places. 

Stage a wedding
Buy this lens. (Finally.)
Giveaway something AWESOME. (Oh, yeah, get excited. For more on this giveaway, you'll want to follow my photography blog.)

Write every day
Read an excellent book.

Do Uncomfortable Things:
Make an appointment to donate my hair (!!!)
Find someone to bungee jump/free fall with this summer (interested?)

Those of you that know about my bucket system know this isn't all of the buckets or all of the goals, but I didn't want to bore you.

If you have good book recommendations or tips on how I can stop being the asshat that bites her lips until they bleed please leave them in the comments. Seriously, please. My lips are begging you. (That is a weird sentence.)


  1. Donating your hair?! It's the long already.. wowwww. :)

  2. Replies
    1. The Canon 85 mm f/1.8. I've been saving up for this lens for FOREVER and I'm so excited to finally get it. My next is going to be a wide angle lens, probably the 24 mm f/2.8. Wheee!

  3. I can only give you a ANTI- book recommendation. (is that a thing?) Don't fall into the latest trend and read that Fifty Shades of Grey crap. I hated it. I think her writing style is repetitive and juvenile. I realize it was not supposed to be a great literary work.. but I can't get past how awful the writing is! And I am even more annoyed that she is raking in the cash for them and her new movie deal. Ugh.

  4. Bungee jumping?? Ahh! I'm glad you have the guts to do that!!

    Have a great week!

    <3 Jamie

  5. I'll bungee jump with you! :) I just did it in Macau, amazing!!! I seriously can't believe it's May either.


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