Monday, May 14, 2012

not much to see here. except some cool stuff.

I have all the aggressive sads right now and haven't been feeling up to much more than eating yogurt covered pretzels and watching endless reruns of Friends, so I'm not blogging here today. That said, I am hanging out a couple other places that you should check out.


Over on Awesomely-Awkward, I'm helping you out with three tips for photographing children that I use as a photographer and have found to be super effective. You can check out my tips right here! It's good stuff.

 And over at Jenni Austria Germany, I'm talking about life as a wedding photographer. It's a nice a life, trust me.

Have a good Monday, everyone.


  1. Hello, just found you at Jamie's blog!! Love your photography! I am starting a photography club and was wondering if you would be interested? If you want more info, come on over to

  2. Just read about you on Jenni Austria Germany. Loved your interview and photos.


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