Wednesday, May 27, 2009

road trip planning

Recently, my friends Cyndi, Katie and I decided that we're going to take a road trip to Austin and San Antonio sometime in July. We're pretty darn excited about it. I've spent most of this morning planning just how much it's going to cost -- we're looking at $160 - $210. I'm excited, because I can make that in one paycheck. Awesome! And if we do make it to San Antonio, I'll get to see the boyfriend. Excitement!

Other than road trip planning, sweet summertime is what's been keeping me from blogging as often as I was. Yesterday, there was a pretty sweet lake trip, during which I got a royally painful sun burn. I'll post a picture when Cyndi or Katie post their pictures, since I was silly and forgot to take my own camera with me. I've been working a lot as well, which is nice because that means dinero, which though I don't like in concept, I like in practice, because it buys me food. I've been writing a lot as well, which may be the biggest contributor to why this blog is being updated less. Writing my own novel has a tendency to take up all my creativity for the day, so I don't have anything creative to say when I log in. But I've been reading everyone else's blogs, no worries!

Other than that, I've been talking a lot on the phone to the boyfriend, who may or may not have heart surgery this summer -- I've nervous for him. He finds out for sure today, so I'll know soon. We'll all take it from there, I suppose.

How're you guys doing?

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