Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sweet summertime

So, it's been too long since I updated. There's been a lot going on. =]

First, finals ended on Wednesday and summer has finally begun! Finals went well -- I got an A in geology, a B in Shakespeare lit, and I haven't found out the rest of them yet. But I think they went well too. I packed up that night and came home on Thursday, which was sad. As much as I was ready to get away from school, I wasn't ready to leave all the friends there, especially Ayla (roomie for next year) and Tony (the boyfriend). I miss them so much already! But Tony is hopefully coming to visit this coming weekend, which will be exciting! =]

I'm loving summertime! I'm totally broke and have been working like crazy, but I love my job (I teach swim lessons) so it's okay. Last night I went to my best friend's prom (with a guy-friend I've known for a few years) and today I went to a Renaissance Festival about an hour away called Scarborough Faire, which was so much fun. The picture to the left is actually of us (Ryan, Cyndi, and I) in the parking lot before we went into the festival. I got a little sunburnt, but it was such a blast! I've also been catching up on all the TV I've missed -- Grey's Anatomy for the win! The season finale was absolutely crazy though! (Warning, spoilers ahead) I'm so glad that Meredith and Derek finally got married but I can't believe what's going on with George and Izzy! I mean, we've all been expecting Izzy to die because...well, she has really bad cancer. And Katherine Heigl wants to move on to movies and such (I hear she's filming with Ashton Kutcher currently). When Alex started crying in the corner though, it became suddenly much more real (as real as a fictional TV show can be, I suppose). But George?! I almost cried at the end scene with him greeting Izzy outside the elevator. He's one of my favorite characters. I hope that this isn't his way of leaving because he's still getting harassed on set about being gay (if he is?). I can't believe I have to wait until next season to know if they actually died. =[

Okay, spoilers done. On the less happy and exciting scale, I had to get an MRI on Friday. I had knee surgery two years ago and recently it's been acting up and being really swollen so my surgeon thought it would be best to check that the cyst hasn't grown back or anything. So...we'll see what comes of that.

On another note, I haven't gotten to visit my great-aunt's grave yet, unfortunately, though if Tony doesn't come for a visit this weekend, I might take a lone road trip to Arkansas in order to do so. I miss her so much. =[

I'll update again soon, I promise!

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