Wednesday, May 20, 2009

adventures with doctors

So, this will probably be the first of many posts titled this. Remember the MRI I mentioned a few days ago? Well, I went to my surgeon today to find out what it showed. Oh so much fun.

First, they were running 45 minutes behind because he had to do an emergency surgery on another patient. This wasn't a big deal except I wish they'd warned me so I didn't have to overhear it from someone else complaining about it. Thank God I made my appointment early so I wasn't late to work. But I'm done complaining.

After much waiting and questioning by the surgeon I was finally told that my MRI showed I have a cyst behind the patella on my right knee, a few rips in what little cartilage I have left, and some patella-femural irritation. Surgery? Not necessary yet. Physical therapy? I start next week.

Did I mention this exact thing happened to me two years ago? Same knee and everything? I guess that's just how life goes, eh?

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