Monday, September 14, 2009


Fact: Today has been a crazy busy day. Classes 9-5, Phi Lamb meeting, Chinese homework, PoliSci reading, Econ quiz, History of England reading... AHHH! It's not over yet!?

Fact: I was chosen to be a Phi Lamb small group leader! Meaning I get to bond with a bunch of pledges and get them plugged in with Phi Lamb! I'm so excited!

Fact: The following updates for 101 in 1001 have happened today:
36. Do 15 push-ups a night for two months. -- Started tonight! 9.14.09
69. Spend at least six months single -- I've decided that between feeling like Summer Finn and being single anyways, I pretty much started this one already. Official beginning date: 09.09.09 [Also... I find it ironic that this is number 69. Okay...maybe one of the 101 in 1001 things should have been get mind out of the gutter.)
91. I donated 300 more grains of rice! 500/1,000,000

Fact: I want to go to Houston this weekend, but I realized about five minutes ago that I have two tests next week, so that may not happen. (Sorry, The Cynical Optimist.)

Fact: I tweet too much.

Fact: I kind of feel like Rachel from if it's a hero that you want posting this. But I wanted to post and this seemed efficient. Sorry if it feels like I'm stealing from you. :(

Fact: I have an interview for Phi Lamb tomorrow about becoming a covenant group leader. It's a lot like small group, but longer, a little more responsibility, and with actives and pledges. Wish me luck?!

Fact: I love coffee. :]

Fact: I'm obsessed with tags/labels on blog posts.

Fact: I don't think I've gotten enough sleep in a long time.

What are some facts about your life these days?

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  1. fact: i need to start a 101 in 1001 list so that i get my butt motivated :) good to see that you're already making progress on yours!


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