Saturday, September 26, 2009

1066: The Year of Conquest

Okay, so I'm such a nerd that I actually enjoy reading textbooks. And you know what? I'm PROUD of that.

But, this is one y'all should read too if you have even the least bit of interest in English history -- kings, queens, court intrigue, wars, etc.

It technically isn't a textbook, though my English History class is using it as one. It's a tiny little book (think 4 by 7 inches) of 201 pages that is so interesting I finished it in two days. It's called 1066: The Year of Conquest (but you could have guessed that from the title of this entry) by David Howarth. He's funny, bluntly honest about the messier, lustful, dangerous, and hilarious parts of history, and makes it interesting. It isn't all memorizing dates (because it happens all in one year) or locations, and he delves into how people actually acted in 1066. People in this book have a personality and you'll find yourself passionately hating some and falling in love with others. You'll hardly remember you're learning anything.

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