Sunday, September 13, 2009

Potential Puppy Playmate?

Updates to my 101 in 1001 list:
61. Go one year without swearing. ...Failed. Restarted on 09.13.09. :(
83. Watch 100 new movies (2/100) Saw Nine on 9.10.09 It was good -- go see it if there's nothing else you're dying to see.

So, I may be adopting a puppy from my friend Stephanie in about two months, after they're born and have had time with their mommy and stuff. That's the mom to the left, back when she was a puppy. (That photo is my friend Stephanie's -- do not use it without permission.) It's definitely not a hundred percent positive (it's not even 50% positive) because of how much it's going to cost. Our apartment complex costs a surprisingly large amount of money to get a pet -- like $350 or so. It's kind of ridiculous.

Also, I'd have to train it. I know one of the things on my list is raise a puppy for Aggie Guide Dogs, but I'm not trained in training dogs yet. So that worries me.

BUT. I want a dog. Really bad. Like... I can't even explain to you how bad. The companionship, the loyalty, the bond. Plus, I want to prove to myself (and a little to my parents) that I'm mature enough to not only take care of myself, but to take care of something else too. But, if I want that, I could just bring home my very beautiful dog from back home, Precious. But she's never been kenneled and she's used to running around outside. And we don't have a big outside for her to run around at. And since she's been mostly an outdoor dog her whole life, I'm honestly not sure she's housebroken. I think she is, but I'm definitely not 100%.

Also, the apartment allows us to have two dogs. So I could potentially get this one and one for Aggie Guide Dogs. But, I don't know how AGD would feel about that, or the room mate for that matter (we've discussed this -- she says one is okay with her). And two puppies just seems like so much to handle, you know?

I don't know. What do you guys think?

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  1. I LOVE puppies!! I konw exactly what you mean about the loyalty and the bond, and just how adorable in general! The only thing you have to keep in mind is that they need a lot of attention in order not to be extremely spoiled and totally hyper (which is no fun at all). For me, college is not a good time for being able to give a lot of attention to a puppy (unfortunately, because I want one ASAP), but it totally depends on your schedule. Keep us updated!! :)


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