Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Whoop!

Wow. The past 48 hours or so have been a little over the top ridiculous. Hardcore.

Friday: It felt so weird to go to class when all my classes Thursday got canceled, but I buckled up and went. In my international law and politics class we'd been holding a moot court session that week and that day the final judgment was delivered -- my team (Mexico) won! Whoooop! I drove home that night and had dinner at Five Guys (if you have a Five Guys burger place near you GO NOW) and saw Date Night with Mr. Man. Whoooop! Tina Fey and Steve Carrell really should just act in comedies together all the time because they're pretty hysterical. Check it out!

Saturday: This is when all the ridiculous starts. I got up at like 8 that morning to help my parents pack, since they're moving to Colorado and all. That afternoon, a friend of mine and I stumbled upon a really awesome art festival going on in Ft. Worth (yeah, number 63, DONE) so we had lunch down there and walked around for a few hours, just enjoying all the wonderful artwork. Whoooop! THE saddest thing happened though! There was this guy with these huge, absolutely beautiful glass sculptures, and someone knocked one over and it shattered. The artist started crying immediately. It was awful. :( tssss. That night was my sorority's (I know, I don't talk about it much -- I'm in a sorority!) formal, which is the whole reason I went home to begin with. Whoooop! Mr. Man didn't come with me because his cousin was getting married that night, but I had a lot of fun anyways. Like an IDIOT though, I didn't take my camera. Que lame, right? So this one picture of the flowers that I got with my phone is the only photo I have. Feel free to make fun of me.

Sunday: The formal ended at about midnight. When I was on my way home, Mr. Man called me and was like "Dude, dude, they're imploding the old Cowboy's stadium at 7 am. I'm on my way back from Austin, I'll pick you up at 1:30, we're SO going and to get good parking we have to be there by 2." So, we went. And as you can guess we got no sleep. Absolutely none. But it was so, so, SO awesome. I mean, how many times do you get to see a building you've watched your high school football team play in implode? NOT VERY OFTEN! Whoooop! I have video, but it's crappy quality and I can't get it to upload. One of our friends that got a better video is posting his on FB/YouTube though, so I'll link up when I can. :) We had breakfast/lunch and hung out until 2 pm (aka, took a two hour nap), then I drove back to Aggieland, albeit after getting some bad news from the family. That's going to be have to be it's whole on post though. tssssss.... And I am totally running on two hours of sleep right now... UGH.

Next weekend, I'm actually staying in Aggieland! First time in weeeeks. Haha. Be impressed!

How was your weekend? Don't forget, you should TOTALLY participate, Aggie or not. Whoooop! is for awesome things that happened, while tssss is for lame things that t-sips do. :) Leave a comment with a link to your blog post if you do.


  1. wow that sounds like a very busy weekend :) lol! Everyone is talking about Date Night, Im going to have to check that out.

  2. Are you serious?!?! Watching a place implode sounds like a totally awesome date to me! :)


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