Friday, June 11, 2010

Getting Down and Dirty ;)

Well, fictionally.

Here's the nitty gritty: Jennifer over at Chaos Wrapped in Chocolate-Covered Grins gave me what has to be *the most* amusing blog award ever. I'm not sure if she gave me this because she thinks I have excellent taste in fictional men (because, let's face, I SO DO) or because she wants to embarrass me when Mr. Man sees this and goes "Uh... honey?" but I am ALL. OVER. THIS.

THAT'S RIGHT. And as everyone else has mentioned -- look at Barbie. That is the definition of the phrase 'GET IT GIRL.' Anyways, so what I'm supposed to be doing here (other than making ridiculous jokes) is telling you about five fictional characters I'd get horizontal (down and dirty?) with, and then pass this on to five of you. Get. Excited.

C'mon, baby... img cred.

5. Danny Zuko from Grease. You are a LIAR if you try to tell me that this boy's hair and smile and suave singing/dancing wasn't the biggest turn on of the 90's. 80's? When was this movie made? I don't know, but I was obsessed with it when I was 8, which was in 1998 and yes, I can still sing every. damn. word of Grease Lightnin' and picture John Travolta dancing on top of the engine being lowered from the ceiling and, wow why did my mom let me watch that so much what I was 8 because YES, I UNDERSTOOD EVERYTHING THAT WAS HAPPENING. Seriously.

I mean, how could you choose? They're so cute! img cred.

4. Ross Geller and Chandler Bing from Friends. I don't know who I like better. I mean, can I just have them BOTH? That would probably be the most awkward three-some ever since they're brothers-in-law but clearly realistic aspirations are not my main concern here. I mean, they're both just adorable and wonderfully awkward and total nerds that have these adorable smiles and beautiful eyes. And they're so funny. I have a weird feeling that if we had a three-some, they may compete to see who could make me laugh the most after. Disagree? Screw you. :)

Cutest smile EVER? img cred.

3. Tom Hansen from (500) Days of Summer. I will never understand how Summer Finn didn't fall head over heels for Tom Hansen. I mean... really. REALLY? Like, he makes you legit mixed tapes and is cute and awkward and believe in real soul-shaking love, and oh yeah that was the problem, huh? Anyways. Tom. The boy who thought he'd never be happy until he found the one. Who threw his entirety into every relationship. Who rocks sweater vests and suits and skinny ties. And dancing down random streets. Who is romantic and passionate about real things like beautiful architecture and good music and listens to The Smiths, for crying out loud. Who drunkenly sings on stage to a pretty girl. Oh, Tom, you are awesome.

Oh, you beautiful nerd, you. img cred.

2. Riley Poole from National Treasure. I cannot tell you how many times I've tried to convince Mr. Man he needs to wear connies with his suits because of Riley (this hasn't worked... YET!). I mean, I'll be honest, I have a thing for insanely smart but awkward geeks with pretty eyes or award winning smiles (or both), and Riley Poole (Justin Bartha) totally has both. Like, hi. Like, wow. Like... Marry me? (Just kidding, Mr. Man. Maybe. We'll see.) Like, I'm probably going to have to go watch this movie now. Because, I mean, hello Riley/Justin. I know Ben Gates got the blonde German, but there are other blondes out there (ME). ;)

Uhm.... hi. Please smile at me someday. img cred.

1. Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter series. I'd also settle for Rupert Grint. Except it wouldn't be settling because, HELLO!? SWOON. I fell head over heels obsessed with Rupert in the first Harry Potter movie and have loved Ron Weasley since the first book; they are the root of my redhead fetish. I mean, I considered studying abroad in Ireland in hopes of meeting him, getting drinks at a pub together, and falling madly in love. I'm not quite sure where I think Weasley ends and Grint begins, but I don't care because Weasley is red headed and afraid of spiders and so is Grint and also OWNS HIS OWN ICE CREAM TRUCK. Yeah, I'm determined to marry one of them. Also, we're actually like ALMOST THE SAME AGE, so this has a chance. Swoon. Swoon swoon swoon swoon swoon. :)

Whew. Okay. -sigh- Let's all take a moment to cool off after all that sexy.

Ready? All right, here are my five sexy bloggers who should totally do this list so we can giggle and blush some more.

1. Katie @ Happy
2. Allison @ Take Me or Leave Me
3. Rachel @ And if it's a hero that you want, I can save you
4. .{Miss Vintage Vixen}.
5. Cyndi @ Hope is a Waking Dream
Runner-Up: Natalie @ My Life's Graffiti

One last thing: Please, please, please go check this out and tell me about an organization you care about! :) Thanks!


  1. I was going to pick John Travolta, but Linda ( the blogger that gave the award to me used him, so I decided to try and branch out).

    Great list! Oh, and, um.... I think I might go stab myself in the eye after the realization that you were born in 1990. GAWD. I graduated high school in 1991.

  2. LOL Thank you!
    Hahaha sooooo doing this!
    I love this!
    And your list-- unf I want to add all the ones you put!
    Hahaha genius.


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