Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Girls vs Women

At what point do you stop being a girl and become a woman?

That sounded so awkward.

It's just, recently, I've been understanding what the hell Britney Spears was talking about with that song "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman." I used to not get it, you know? I always thought it was like you went to sleep one night a girl that knew nothing and you woke up the next morning and suddenly you were this successful and wise woman and it was just easy and yay.

Except now I'm stuck in this weird place in my life where I'm not a little girl, but I'm definitely not any sort of wise woman either. It's this awkward stage where I'm somewhere in the middle, not quite sure which category I fit in.

Some days I'm all throwing a tantrum over the smallest things and other days I'm all mature and being responsible. Some days I'm in a pigtails and t-shirt mood and other days I feel like a classy summer dress and heels. There's nights like Sunday night when the girl in me is overjoyed about something as simple as kicking (her boyfriend's) ass at bowling, then there's times when the woman in me is all knowing what she wants and is ready to get married and raise kids of her own.

Or is that the girl in me?

I'm so confused.

There needs to be a term for girls/women my age. I mean, really, I would like to fit into a category so I can stop feeling like I need to pick one of the other ones. Anyone with me?

Let's think of a name for this stage of our lives. Ready go.


  1. I think that is called young adult. It is a fitting title, because we are young and sometime it shows more than others. We have yet to reach the place where life makes sense completely. However we still have the responsibilities of adults (and some of the fun too!). Our wisdom in some areas supersedes a child and in others it lags behind. It is a pain sometimes, joyful others, but mostly confusing...

  2. i'm in the same boat. trying to be a girl and woman at the same time. what' wrong with being both? why do we have to choose?

  3. I've got news for you... the wisdom comes in very small bits. I don't feel wise at all and I'm in my 30's. I am perhaps a bit more wise than you, but not nearly as wise as my grandmother who has advice, wit and snark for EVERYTHING! I think the thing that scares the hell out of me the most, is realizing that my parents ( who were my age when I was graduating high school) were just winging the parenting thing and had no clue what the hell they were doing either. You just always think your parents know what to do... and then one day when YOU are the parent.. you realize how little they actually knew.


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